The Privilege of being a parent

To be a parent is a privilege and a responsibility to prepare a child for the world she/ he lives in. Parents are used by a child to achieve the safety, security, joy, play, learning she/he needs to be the best she/ he could be. Parents are the representatives of social order and the home the place to experiment for each child to find their place and purpose in life.

Being a parent is like being the earth a seed is planted in; the compost that gives essential nutrients for a plant to grow and produce the best fruit or flower in abundance. Fertile soil gives off all it has and does not withhold any goodness from the plant.

Similarly, parenting is about giving off of yourself for the betterment of your child, it requires years of sacrifice and for the majority of parents it is a price they are willing to pay. In order to continually give parents recognise that they themselves need to replenish their resources and take active steps against anything that leaves them depleted and empty.

Poor soil, depleted of essential nutrients does not have much to give and the plant fails to grow and produce fruits. In extreme cases of lack of nutrients the plant may die. Likewise parents who do not have the resources to support their children for whatever reason will have children who at best achieve limited success in life and at worst end up with negative life experience such as poor social and interpersonal skills, poor communication skills, lack of educational achievement, poor career prospect and at worst mental illness, alcohol and drug dependence, criminal behaviour perhaps leading to a life in and out of prison.

Unlike a plot of land or a pot of compost that cannot change its situation, parents who lack resources can access support that could change the situation for themselves and their children.



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