About Us

cl img3Changing Lives started in September 2003 as an innovative project to cater for the psychological needs of students attending Tower Hamlets College in East London.  

The success of the project led to its establishment as a registered charity in September 2005 and ever since the organisation has been providing support to individuals, families and communities in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Newham and Luton town.

Changing Lives is dedicated to enabling people to overcome their challenges and transform their lives, their family and, their communities.  Fundamental to our belief is the notion that people have the solution to their own problems; however, they may not possess the necessary skills and personal development level to bring about the required changes.  We believe that the most precious resource any society has is its members and are committed to equip them with more tools and responses to raise their emotional intelligence and social skills to enable them deal with conflicts at home, school, work and in their community and face the challenges of our times.  

Paramount to this is upholding the centrality of the family in all cultures, for all faiths and those with no faith, and the values that support and promote family cohesion as a corner stone to a multicultural society.  As violence tends to be the main factor undermining personal and social development, Changing Lives is committed to work towards the elimination of all forms of violence within and outside of the family, especially towards women and children, and work towards respect for the fundamentals of their basic human rights.

The initial shock of transition to life in the UK places significant burdens on communities with high concentrations of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It is here that Changing Lives can build on its existing experience to support these individuals and catalyse communities to promote social integration in a manner that respects their dignity and the integrity of the values of their cultures of origin.  

An underlying commitment to facilitate essential inter-generational dialogue, in particular within immigrant and refugee communities to counter the sense of alienation second and third generation young people experience.  To enhance a degree of self-reliance, Changing Lives is investing in education and skills in the next generation of professionals working within all communities to improve and build upon our shared cultural-social capital.


London //Luton

Charity Registration Number: 1112794
Company House Registration Number: 05572830