Our Approach

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Our approach is based on “transformational learning” where the journey of self-discovery is as important as the knowledge and skills gained. The learning is led by the participants, facilitated by trained and experienced staff, and underpinned by evidence-based practice.


Our facilitators create a safe environment that responds to the range of needs of participants. All our interventions are designed to enable service users to learn from their lived experience and observations to find the solution that fits the challenges they face. In addition, participants learn reflection, problem solving and self-help strategies that are tailored to their current personal circumstances and understand the wider systems of support available for future use. This we believe, enables them to gain a sense of ownership of both the specialist support we provide and the knowledge/skills they gained in the process which in the long run helps them keep up the changes in attitude and behaviour they made.

In addition, we encourage service users to be active “skilled-helpers” in their community by using the knowledge and skills they gained for the benefit of others facing similar challenges through an apprenticeship programme by working with local communities, faith and voluntary groups, business and the statutory sector. We are also committed to champion ‘evidence based practice’ using nationally recognised outcome measures: Warwick Edinburg Mental Wellbeing Scale, Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment, GAD7 and PHQ9, Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale to demonstrate the effectiveness of our interventions.



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