Our Commitments

cl img7We are fully committed to:

  • Equip people with more tools and responses to raise their emotional intelligence and social skills to enable them deal with conflicts at home, school, work and in their community, and face the challenges of our times.


Uphold the centrality of the family in all cultures, for all faiths and those with no faith, and the values that support and promote family cohesion as a cornerstone of social integration. Violence and abuse undermines family cohesion, which in turn undermines personal and social development and therefore we are committed to work towards the elimination of all forms of violence and abuse within the family (in particular towards women and children) as the foundation of the family and work towards respect for the fundamentals of their basic human rights.
Enable families from immigrant, refugee and asylum seeker communities to make the transition to life in Britain and ultimately social integration in a way that respects their dignity and the integrity of the values of their cultures of origin.
Facilitate essential dialogue between the generations in particular within immigrant and refugee communities; to counter the sense of alienation second and third generation young people experience.
Invest in the education and skills of the next generation of professionals working within our communities to improve the collective knowledge, skill and expertise base of our communities.
Uphold personal and professional integrity and transparency to remain accountable for all the resources we have. 
Share our learning and good practices to enable wider impact.



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