Family Mental Wellbeing

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What are your dreams for your family? As a parent did you, dream of a loving relationship with your partner, be the best support for your children, create loving memories filled with fun and laughter that in years to come you could look back on and enjoy?

How is that dream going so far? Is it on track to give you the foundation needed to bring up your children filled with self-esteem and confidence, belief in others and eager to embrace change? Do you feel personally and professionally fulfilled for having such a secure foundation in your life so far?

Or is that dream turning to a nightmare you cannot wake up from? Is it too much challenge and too little fun leaving you confused; isolated, drained of energy and motivation to manage what is becoming the daily grind? Do you feel you failed your child/ children or your partner or worse still that you betrayed yourself?

It is said to bring up a family is more difficult than to govern a nation! To govern a nation you do not have to have all the knowledge and skills: you can have colleagues and experts who could bring the require skills and expertise to make the job easier.

Families are different: if they are lucky, the couple bring memories of being loved and cared for from their own experience of growing up. Sometimes they may have learnt what was necessary from what was missing in their own upbringing. However, all the members of a family learn how to live together and make the relationship work as they go along. It is more like an on the job training without a trainer/ supervisor or a training manual.

If you are a family whose dreams are fulfilled and you are enjoying the stability and reward it brings, we need to hear from you, as there are a number of ways you could support us benefit from your experience.

If you are a family struggling for stability and establishing rewarding relationships for all members of the family, we have a range of support services we could offer you to achieve best outcomes for all.

Some of the issues that affect harmonious family relationships are the parents' mental health condition, unresolved trauma they carried from their own childhood, divorce and separation, domestic abuse (including forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and honour based violence) lack of parenting skills, poverty and isolation.

If your relationship as a couple is not working, you need to address it as a priority as your relation is the foundation for the safety and security of your children and the whole family.

If your relationship with your child/ children is strained you need to work on your parenting skills, communication strategies and recreate harmony and rewarding relationships.

It takes a community to bring up a child! It is important to build positive relationships within the extended family where possible, friends, your neighbourhood or faith community to provider a wider network for your children to develop and expand their horizon.



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