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At Changing Lives, we recognise that we are all interdependent and we rely on others to meet our everyday needs and achieve goals.

Since our existence is based on relationships starting with ourselves, families extending to neighbours, school, community and work place, we live in an ever widening circle of relationship that require us to change and adapt constantly. Relationships and the expectations become more complex as we mature and our network extends.

Emotions are there to inform us of our experience of these relationships: feeling happy, sad, anxious, angry gives us feedback on our experience of “others”, our social and spiritual world. Emotions are neither positive nor negative; they are not good or bad: they are neutral. The good/bad or positive/negative value we give to our emotional states may be influenced by our beliefs and the way we express our emotions in turn influences whether it is creative/constructive or frustrating/destructive.

Counselling and psychotherapy are forms of talking therapy offered by a skilled and experienced professional to nurture development and change in the person seeking support usually referred to as client. Talking therapies are based on a relationship of trust between the professional and the client and are protected by confidentiality. Confidentiality refers to the practice of treating all information the client shares being strictly maintained by the counsellor except where there is a concern for the safety and welfare of the client or others where the Law requires the professional to seek adequate and appropriate support to address the concern. Where possible the client provides a written consent or signs a consent form to allow the professional to act in her/his best interest.

All our counsellors/psychotherapists are trained and experienced to provide support that respects the cultural, social class, religious and experiential differences of our clients and in some cases we offer therapy in first language. To ensure the quality and standard of our service, all professionals attend regular clinical supervision with an independent consultant.

Whether you are doing well but facing a challenge, or in crisis and looking for help we can offer you support that addresses your need and keeps you as the focus of everything we do.



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