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Changing Lives is dedicated to enable individuals and families to overcome their challenges and transform their lives and their communities. Fundamental to our belief is the notion that people have the solution to their own problems; however, they may not possess the necessary skills and personal development level to bring about the changes required.


Our approaches endeavour to equip them with more tools and responses to raise their emotional intelligence and social skills to enable them to deal with conflicts at home, school, work and in their community and face the challenges of our times. We create an environment that is responsive to the range of needs of service users and communities to enable each person achieve their goal, gain problem solving and self-help strategies and improve their social participation to support them to be assets others could benefit from. This we believe promotes prevention and early intervention rather than crises management minimising the emotional psychological cost to the person and the drain on resources for service providers.

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Our current services cater for diverse needs of individuals, families and communities that are traditionally considered hard to reach/engage who require assistance in order to overcome barriers (language and literacy, social exclusion and discrimination, intergenerational passing on of traumatic experiences). We are committed to offer solutions that are innovative, value for money and appropriately tailored to the required outcomes and activate an array of support networks towards promoting prevention, early intervention and appropriate use of resources. In all our endeavours, we utilise the right mix of skills and resources to achieve higher than expected outcomes as evidenced by our successes to date.

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